'Aerospace Bremen' guided tour 1 to 20 guests (group)

Guided tour for groups



Experience space travel at close hand! Bremen is one of Europe's leading centres for space travel. The European contribution to the International Space Station (ISS), for example, was assembled at Airbus. The ISS is in orbit some 400 kilometres above Earth, so delivering supplies is a real challenge for engineers. How does water and food get to the astronauts? How do people live, sleep, and carry out research in zero gravity? Answers to these and other questions are provided in a replica of the Columbus module. You can also see parts being constructed for the Ariane 5 rocket that launches satellites into orbit, and find out how much a litre of milk weighs on the surface of the moon.


€ 354.00 per group (1 to 20 people, Sunday € 429.00)

daily by appointment
We cannot rule out adjustments due to security requirements on the Airbus site with regard to conditions and prices. In this case we would inform you immediately. In the case of serious changes, you would have the right to withdraw.

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Participants of nationality from non-EU countries need a special permit and must be requested! Please inform yourself before booking. 
Please note that due to the security standards on the Airbus premises, identification (identity card/passport) is required for every guest. The minimum age for visitors is 10 years. Children aged 10 to 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Changes in the process or cancellations due to internal events can occur at any time. A coach is required for the tour. Photography is strictly forbidden. There are no public toilets available in the visitor center. Alcohol is prohibited on the premises.